Choosing the Perfect Heart-Shaped Diamond

Rings, especially ones with diamonds in them, often hold a lot of meaning to people. Whether it is an engagement ring, eternity ring, or a wedding ring, having a diamond in the ring can be a sign of your partner’s love for you. What better way to express that love than by having the diamond cut into the shape of a heart? Before making a decision such as this, you should make sure that you know as much as you can about heart-shaped diamonds. This ensures that your selection will make your partner even happier.

What Do Hearts Symbolise?

As you might be able to imagine, having a heart-shaped diamond is a symbol of love to your partner, right? This is definitely true but what also matters is the size, colour, and placement of the heart as well. For some people, just a simple diamond heart in the centre of the ring is beautiful and meaningful enough but sometimes, “just enough” is not enough to express your true love for your partner.

In some cases, the size of the heart also correlates to the size of your love. If you believe that your partner thinks this, then it might be a good idea to get a ring that has a large heart-shaped diamond in it rather than a few small hearts. This can show that your love for your partner is huge. Similarly, some people believe that more is better. Three smaller heart-shaped diamonds might carry more impact than a single large one.

When you are looking at what a custom diamond jewellery store has to offer, you will also want to consider the colour of the diamond. The colour could be a shared favourite colour or it could be something meaningful to the both of you. If you are planning to get one colour specifically for your partner, you could consider getting the heart in the colour of his or her birthstone as a bit of a personalisation. This small move can mean the entire world to your partner.

While not as important as other aspects, the placement of the heart can be important. Is it going to be centred on the ring or is it going to be offset up or down a little bit? These choices are usually more design-oriented and do not have as much to do with a meaning as much as comfort and style. It is still something to consider, especially on engagement rings.

Why Consider a Heart?

Hearts have a lot of symbolic meaning, especially for engagement and wedding rings. Of course, hearts symbolise love and that is something very meaningful for any budding relationship between two people. Getting your partner a ring with a heart on it can mean the entire world as it is a pure symbol of love customised to his or her tastes.

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