How To Get Her The Perfect Eternity And Wedding Ring

How do you surprise your girlfriend or wife on your anniversary? Give her the perfect gift of an eternity ring.

What are eternity rings? Eternity rings is a band of metal (usually gold) with a set of identical cut gemstones, usually, diamonds and given as a sign of eternal love.

This concept was created by created by De Beers in the 1960’s to sell of its small diamond cuts. Lately, women have been buying eternity rings for their husbands as well.

How to purchase a ring?

First, ask your jeweler for a ring sizer. A ring sizer is like a ruler but different holes in it to measure the ring size of your finger.

Or, you can go online, search for a ring sizer that can be printed and make sure that you print the exact scaling size on the page to your paper.

Next is to measure your finger into the ring sizer. Make sure that the finger fits snugly into it but loose enough that your finger slides out easily.

Measure to your finger late in the day when your fingers are warm. Make sure to measure it 4 or 5 times to be sure and accurate of the size.

After measuring, you can choose the ring. You have to decide if it is for en eternity ring, or a wedding ring.

Choose the metal for which the diamond will be set. Platinum is the highest form of metal. It is strong, does not tarnish and is hypoallergenic. The diamond could be set on the center metal. Since the metal is very exotic and rare, it could be very pricey.

Gold comes in two kinds of carats, the 18k and 14K carat. The main difference is the purity. The 18k contains 75% Gold and 25% alloys, and the 14K carat contains 58.3% and 41.7% alloys. Both are easy to clean, but the different is in the price, the 18k is more expensive than the 14K.

Now comes the best part, choosing your diamonds. For eternity rings, size below .5mm are very common and easy to procure. You can ask your jeweler to help you out.

For wedding rings, you can go again to your jeweler and have your ring designed. You can also create a single diamond ring, to a multiple diamond on your ring. Be sure to ask your jeweler about the cut, color, clarity and size. Everything can go pricey if the cut is perfect and the sizes are bigger.

Last, always compare with other jewelers and do your best to shop around.

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