Choosing to Have a Handmade Engagement Ring Made

There are many women that envision their wedding, and all of the intricate details, years ahead of time. These fairy tale wedding fantasies often include the perfect engagement ring. It is not always possible to create the perfect fairy tale wedding for the love of your life, so you can do the next best thing and have her engagement ring created for her. The process is fairly simple and quite straightforward, once you have a found a reputable jewellery maker.

Knowing what you want, and finding a jeweller

Before you use the internet and search for handmade engagement rings, you will need to know what you want. As a couple, you should sit down and talk, and let her describe what she has always dreamed of, and try and draw a rough sketch. She can choose what precious stones you will use, as well as the colours, and also which metal will she wants to use for the ring itself. When you have a good idea of what she wants, you can then start to look at jewellery companies that are local to you. You will need to choose a few shops to visit, and speak to the jewellery makers about your requirements. They will be able to let you if what you want is possible, as well as how much the investment would be.

Starting the Process of Making a Handmade Engagement Ring

When you have found the right jewellery manufacture for you, you can then start the process of having the ring professionally designed. The first step will be to agree the concept and overall design, they will then render a CAD drawing in colour, which will show a computer generated image of the finished design. When the design meets your approval and you are happy to proceed, the process of making the ring can start. With a custom engagement ring, there will be the need to have several fittings, during the production process, to make sure that the ring fits correctly and meets your expectations.

The Things to be Aware of with a Custom Engagement Ring

When you have a custom ring designed and made, you will be getting what you want and it will also be handmade by a professional craftsman. The cost for a custom made ring is more than that of a standard mass produced ring, so you will need to be aware that you will pay more. It will also take longer to receive the finished ring, than if you bought one off the shelf and had it altered to fit. As you cannot feel or touch the finished product before you buy it, you are not able to get a feel for the size and weight of the ring. Because of this you will not know if it is going to fit comfortably or not. There is also a lot more involvement from you when having a ring designed and made, so it takes more of your time. The benefits of a unique handmade engagement ring are that there is nobody else with a ring quite like yours. Your ring is also a direct reflection of your passion and spirit, having helped with the design process. It is also the perfect way to show your commitment to your intended, and to give them the fairytale engagement ring that they have always wanted, what a great way to start the rest of your life together!

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