When & Where You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring

Times When You Should Remove Your Engagement Ring

Many newly engaged women are reluctant to take off their engagement rings at all, but doing so can damage them and make them lose their shine. There are times when it is perfectly acceptable to remove your engagement ring, and it does not mean that you do not love your partner. Taking excellent care of your engagement ring will help to keep it shining for many years to come, and below, you will find some of the times when you should ensure that you remove it from your finger.

When You Are Working Out

When you work out, your body sweats and the grime and sweat can build up and collect on your engagement ring, reducing its shine. When you are exercising, remove your diamond engagement ring and store it somewhere safe until you are finished. Doing so will help to keep it in excellent condition for many years to come. 

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Remove When In The Water

Whether you have an off-the-shelf design or one of the popular Brisbane diamond engagement rings, people often spend time in the water. This is the time when it’s important to remove your engagement ring. Whether you are in the ocean or a swimming pool, you can find the size of your ring finger reduces, making t more likely to fall off. Take off your engagement ring when you are in the water, and you can help keep it safe and avoid losing it, which may be devastating. 

When Applying Lotions & Soaps

You should also remove your engagement ring before washing yourself using soaps and detergents or applying lotions to your body or face. The creams and lotions you apply to your body can build up over time and reduce the shine of the diamonds, and it is often easier for your ring to fall from your finger. If your ring falls down a plug hole, you may incur expensive plumbing charges to retrieve it, so when cleaning or applying lotion, ensure you remove it and keep it somewhere safe.

Doing Your Hair

You will also want to take off your engagement ring when you are doing your hair, as the chemicals in the sprays and other things you use can damage your ring and its diamonds. Perfumes can also damage the shine of diamonds and tarnish them, so if you are preening yourself, remove your engagement ring, and you can help preserve its sparkle.


It is also an excellent idea to remove your engagement ring when you are cooking and preparing food. You can find that germs and bacteria can build up on the surface of the ring, help reduce its shine, and also become a health hazard.

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Get Your Ring Cleaner Regularly

To help keep your diamond engagement ring in excellent condition and shining brightly, you will want to take it to the jewellery store where you bought it about once a year for a clean. They can help maintain the sparkle of your diamonds and keep your ring in excellent condition for many years to come. Removing your ring at appropriate times and cleaning it regularly is the best way to keep it shining and preserve the looks of your beautiful diamond engagement ring.

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