2020’s Wedding Photography Tips For The Professionals

If you are professional photographer, you should hear this.

It’s finally 2020 and a lot of couples are planning to get married this year. They have their reasons so let’s not get into that. We are going to focus on the photography that you may have to concentrate on, since we have conducted a list for the professionals. This is the guide for the wedding professional photographers.

Before the wedding!

  • Be careful and be mindful of what you show on your website
  • Hey! SEO before social media, okay?
  • Make a very solid questionnaire
  • Learn the names before the faces
  • Maybe consider all the backups
  • Keep it simple
  • The hours you offer? Yeah. Be mindful of that
  • Before you get too busy, get a CRM

Bride’s Preparations!

  • Ask what is important
  • Use shadows and light for details
  • Two details at once
  • Get closer
  • Experiment if you can
  • Direct a dress first look
  • Pro tip: utilise mirrors to tell the stories of both sides
  • Connections using their hands
  • The Bride and the Mum
  • The side photo—shoot that
  • ALWAYS shoot the females downwards
  • Be aware of the posing mistakes!
  • Never forget Dad
  • NEVER forget the kids, either

Groom’s Preparations!

  • Sidelight? That works well for males!
  • Try the “Gangsta Groomsmen” shot
  • Get the groom used to your own proximity
  • Nothing is off limits


  • For the first look, create some tension
  • Arrive early for the groom
  • Ask him to point out the VIPs
  • Remaining humble and respectful is a big deal, alright? But your main priority is getting that shot. Ask for forgiveness instead of permission
  • Get in that aisle then GTFO
  • For the aisle shot, focus on the groom
  • The Father’s fond farewell shot
  • Be prepared for the “first touch”
  • Go for “over the shoulder” shots during the ceremony
  • Choose lenses that make the viewer feel like they’re there
  • Concentrate on the family
  • Get behind for that first kiss
  • Go for top down for the certificate
  • Watch behind the signing
  • Hey, stop down for the recessional
  • If you missed the kiss, don’t worry, just ask them again after they have signed the registry
  • Get ready for huggers

Family Photos!

  • Don’t do roll call, let a family member do that since it isn’t your job
  • For the all-guests shot, get high
  • “Someone was blinking!” Yeah, yell that out if it happens, and while it makes them groan, it’s still forgivable and a little something to make them fuss and laugh
  • Get an amazing “Friends photo”
  • Watch for the side-hugs

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