Engagement Ring Trends Of The Past

Just like any item of clothing or fashion, engagement rings go through trends where styles and wax wane in popularity. It can be fun to check out these trends and to see which ones appeal the most to you and which type of ring you may want to wear. If you’re ready to learn about engagement rings of the past, then check out some of these top trends.


Audrey Hepburn was a trendsetter in many ways, and her engagement rings were no different. She loved the stackable rings that Mel Ferrer gave her and liked to mix and match them to fit with her outfit. This is still a jewellery trend going strong today.


This is when the first major celebrity engagement ring hit the headlines. When Elizabeth Taylor accepted at 33-carat diamond from Richard Burton, people became obsessed with giant celebrity diamonds. This is also the same time when Jackie Kennedy’s emerald and diamond engagement ring gave rise to brides using emeralds in their rings.


These rings focused on radiant or princess cut diamond rings. This was a new square shape that was quickly embraced by brides all over the world who preferred the way that these rings looked and that they were a little different and fresh from other rings in the past.


Much like the 1960s were the years of the emerald, the 1980s was when the sapphire really shone. Thanks to Princess Diana’s large oval sapphire engagement ring, more and more brides decided on custom diamond engagement rings that featured this lovely blue stone. The sapphire is still a really popular stone that a lot of women opt for in their engagement rings.

1990s – Present

This has been an interesting time, as women have learned that there really isn’t a rule when it comes to choosing or designing an engagement ring. Most rings had a large and sparkling diamond, but coloured gemstones became more and more popular. There isn’t one major style that is popular.

As women continue to have more options and greater say in the ring that they wear, they continue to create engagement rings that match their interests and personality. These rings vary in size, colour, and stone. In the future, it is very likely to see a resurgence of vintage or antique rings and ones that are very delicate and inspired by nature.

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