Modern or Antique Engagement Ring?

So your relationship has hit that serious stage and you’re spending time ogling jeweller’s shop fronts. But what is your dream engagement ring?

Before you head out to buy antique engagement rings Sydney, decide if you’re an old-fashioned or modern kind of girl.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings that ooze character and history are sure to be sentimental, there are also going to be more valuable. Antiques are typically one-of-a-kind pieces and usually the rings have higher quality diamonds. What’s more, the value of the ring will appreciate more owing to the intricacy of the detailed settings that are hard to copy.

Before deciding to buy antique engagement rings, you should know the difference between an estate ring and an antique ring. The antique needs to be more than 50 years old whereas an estate ring is less than 50 years old. Estate rings are also less valuable. You should always ask for a gemmologist’s report to make sure your chosen ring is valuable and old, as claimed.

Modern Engagement Rings

Whether you’re after a simple style or something ultra-modern, there’s no doubt your modern ring will be a talking point. They’re easier to wear and probably more likely to go with your current jewellery collection. (Unless of course you collect antiques).

Choosing a modern ring will offer a whole lot more creativity since newer styles tend to experiment with unique stones and varying metals. Pink and yellow diamonds, rubies and sapphires are all gaining in popularity.

But while these futuristic and en vogue styles are very “now”, the more unusual the design you choose, the more likely your ring will date and be out of fashion in a decade. Keep this in mind before you start hinting at the type of ring you would like.

Which Style Will Suite You Best?

Are you intent on going out to buy antique engagement rings Sydney or are you leaning towards something hip and now? Here’s how to decide which style will suite you best.

1. Diamond Cuts

Modern and antique engagement rings will have different diamond shapes. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the popular princess-cut diamond came about. Antique rings are more likely to feature rose-cut and emerald-cut diamonds. These diamonds will be less brilliant than those of modern rings but a lot of brides favour the uniqueness of antique rings.

2. Diamond Colours

Over the years coloured diamonds have become very popular. But a lot of modern engagement rings typically sport white diamonds. Many vintage rings have coloured stones in their designs. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, yellow diamonds and marcasites are commonly found in antique engagement rings. But black diamonds are more common in modern rings.

3. Engagement Ring Metals

Platinum and yellow gold were popular metals in antique jewellery, as were hues of rose gold. However modern rings are more likely to be made with white gold and platinum for modern brides who prefer silver tones.

4. Styles

Antique rings generally seem to be more ornate than today’s engagement rings. Modern rings seem to favour cleaner lines and minimal accents – they’re straight forward and sleek. On the other hand antique rings are more ornate, will have accent stones and details of scrolling around the band.

5. Budget

Finally, you need to consider budget. Both types of rings come in a variety of price ranges. Some exclusive antique pieces with unusual diamond cuts and interesting details can cost as much as antique ornaments. But others can be found for a lot less than modern rings by today’s top designers.

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