On Wedding Bells and Wacky Pics

Your wedding day would probably be the best event of your life; therefore it is only right to have nothing but the best when it comes to celebrating and—most especially—capturing every moment of this wondrous occasion. So besides having a photographer / videographer whose job is to make sure every bit of your special day is recorded, what other great way to preserve those memories than to have a photo booth? There are many photo booth hire Sydney to choose from. You just have to pick one that suits your style of photos best.

Photo booths are fun, portable and come in many different types; there are those that produce strips of images much like how old photo booths used to way back, those in which the guests has a hold of the cable release and thus can take their own pictures and of course, there are those photo booths with an editing software which will enable guests to add unique designs to their pictures. What is interesting is that these types of photo booths can be found almost everywhere up for rent and you can easily get one to be installed on your special day. Not only can a photo booth capture memories for you to hold for the rest of your life, it can also entertain your guests and give them the impression that you and your partner are not the type of couple who is purely traditional when it comes to weddings.

Another plus side about photo booths is that you can give your guests a little keepsake of your wedding that they can cherish and remember in the years to come. Unlike photos from wedding photographers wherein you and your guests may either be too candid or too formal for the sake of looking good in front of other people, photos from photo booths can be wacky and spontaneous and guests wouldn’t have a hard time being comfortable with the camera because there are no people around who can see what their poses are (until and unless the pictures are developed). So if you want your wedding to be truly memorable, get a photo booth!

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