How To Take Wedding Photos Like A Pro (Perfection Sort-Of Guaranteed)

When the event happens to be a union that would unite you and a certain loved one together, you would want the photos that came out of it to be spectacular, yeah?

Of course you do!

Nothing but the best, right? It IS your wedding, after all. Anything less than perfect is unacceptable.

However, hiring really superb photographers is expensive. It’s better if we just get someone you know to do it themselves, right?

Let’s educate whoever you’re planning on hiring. Let’s get some proper tips in taking wedding photos.

Okay listen, up, newbie. Make sure that you aren’t alone in taking photos because it is important to have more than just one photographer. There has to be a second shooter, and it’s the job of the second shooter to:

Assist The Pro

How the heck do you think you’ll become a pro yourself if you don’t observe and assist the current professionals right now? Learn from the best and in this case, learn from your pro right now. Know about the dos and the don’ts in weddings and follow the pro you came along with. It wouldn’t do to make amateur mistakes WHILE the wedding is taking place. But then again, making mistakes is the best technique when learning. Just… don’t make a lot of them, yeah?

Your Camera Must Be Fixed

This is a no-brainer. What kind of photographer goes into a job without properly making sure his camera worked? Even kids could figure that out just as easily. You need the best kind of equipment when you plan to take photos as grand as a wedding-themed ones. Nothing but the best quality, or else you’re just going to end up getting laughed at. This isn’t the usual phone-photos or selfies and groupies, yeah? You need to get the high-end ones, my dude.

Don’t Go Solo

This goes without saying. Mostly because the equipment and accessories you carry around will not be easy to tote around in. especially in a busy event as a wedding. If you’re the second shooter, you’re most likely going to be the ones helping carry most of the bulk. Then again, I’ve heard of professional photographers who prefer carrying the heavy stuff themselves, in fear of the hired help damaging it. Or maybe they just love what they do that they don’t really care if they’re carrying heavy equipment all the time. I, as a romanticist, like to believe the latter.

Candid Smiles, Reactions and First

These types of shots make the whole ordeal a lot more natural and sincere. You can pre-plan and ask the guests to smile all you want, but nothing beats the genuine reactions and the firsts that go along the service. Genuine reactions get treasured the most and you would find it more often than not that the people seeing these photos would appreciate them more than the planned ones.

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