What Flowers Do You Need For Your Wedding?

You can’t have a wedding without flowers. That’s just not how things goes. You need those floral beauties to not only liven up the place but also to signify something. Make them the proof that your love will definitely blossom and show them off to the world.

Besides, a wedding is dull without flowers as decorations, plus you need them as your bouquet to hold onto when you walk down that aisle. Here are flowers that will be best for your wedding.


Peonies are beautiful. They are sweet-scented and are perfect for weddings, considering that most couples would choose this for their decorations and for their bouquets. They come in a variety of colours, which are mostly yellow, white and red, sometimes pink. The petals are gorgeous and would go so well with your bouquet.

Peonies also symbolises a happy marriage. Perfect, isn’t it? A happy marriage and good fortune awaits you after the wedding with these sweet-smelling beauties clutched in your perfectly manicured hands.


A popular bunch, if I do say so myself. They come in different colours too, some of which are a little rare in terms of flowers. Because how often do you see blue flowers every day, huh? Exactly. They also come in green, white and pink too, all of which are really cute when mixed into your bouquet. Its combination with other flowers will not only make your overall look spectacular, but it will also add a certain symbolism to your wedding.

Hydrangeas are flowers that say “You are the beat of my heart”. Romantic, isn’t it?


There are about 75 different species of tulips and they come in all different sorts of colours for you to choose from. They might be expensive but they definitely are worth it because of the beautiful colours and the meaning behind this flower. All the magenta ones, purples, reds, yellows, pinks and whites serve to symbolise “consuming love”.  Decorations, bouquets and boutonnieres? Put a tulip or two here and there. The symbolism itself serves well for whoever you wish to put them.


Ah, the flower that literally signifies love. Of course it was going to be here. Whether you chose the white ones that are about purity and innocence, or the deep red ones that are all about the deepest love ever imagined, each of them would bring a new light to your decorations and especially the bouquet that you will be holding.

Try using other kinds of roses of the hybrid type too, they are best for wedding purposes. You can use some garden roses, spray roses or even the hybrid tea roses, they will be spectacular in your overall deco. Especially the last one, seeing as their kind tend to mix their colours unnaturally. Some of them can even be orange or a mix of a deep red with white inside the petals. Just utterly breath-taking.

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