The Wedding Themes To Consider

Picking a wedding theme sounds fun and easy in theory. However, once you actually start to think about all the other details, you realize that it might be just a little hard to continue with the theme you picked up on because it has to be a certain way. Be that as it may, a lady’s dream of having her own wedding theme be made into reality will not be stopped. As such, we have a wide variety of themes to choose from.


Giving a nod to the old times, this theme is easy to achieve. Antique-looking decor will really help this theme out and using brown-ish colours will also help in that direction. Having some seats that are worn-in and wooden and then having the doors be weathered and used a lot can make this theme look even better.


Minimal design is key here. When you think of modern styles, you tend to think of geometric shapes and thick clean lines and you would be in the right direction for thinking so. Your venue ought to have a bold colour scheme, a very cool structural backdrop and sleek seats. Maybe add in some cream balloons too while you’re at it.


The idea here is to be simplistic and elegant. All your oriental rugs, as quoted by brides here, should line the altar and aisle. Some hanging deco that are macramé would be the best idea you could ever ask for. Keep it elegant, yeah?


Integrate the stars from above into your wedding. Celestial bodies have predated your love and therefore it should be translated into the day of your union to make it eternal, like the celestial system itself. Alright, was that enough cheese for you? As cheesy as those words sounded, you cannot deny that this theme is pretty and really eye-catching, not to mention unique. Give it a go.


Ah, music. The one I love really loves music too so I wonder if he would appreciate it if I plan our wedding to be music-themed? Every decoration would be inspired behind the art of music itself and then we could hire a band for the reception.


As a lover of bright colours, even the obnoxious ones(sometimes), preppy could be a possible theme for me as well. It uses the bright pinks, navy blues and the greens so I think it would suit well for my taste. Especially when it also mixes the formal with fun.


Hey, wouldn’t it be really memorable to have a winter-style wedding? Having dark-brown colours mix in with the Christmas deco would really set the tone for it all, in my opinion. The wedding could pass off as some grandeur Christmas party too. Except it would generate more love since a union of two lovers is involved here.


Now this is for the ones who like to be classy. If you want you and your guests to dress up inch by inch in formal clothing, then have this theme. Have posh seating for this one and some really ornate flower arrangements. Or hey, if you want more themes then you can go to shutterfly since they have about a hundred more suggestions that you could take.

The point here is to have fun as you plan for the greatest day of your life. So go do that and have the time of your life.

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