Finding the Designer Bridal Shoes of your Choice

Most women have major shoe fetish, buying more shoes than they can actually wear. Mostly, their source of pleasure and happiness is when buying the shoe that they like, they even go out of their way to haggle and possess whatever shoe style they wanted for themselves, regardless of the cost. The must-have-it feeling tends to make them become impulsive buyers or shall we say shopaholics.

The most common type of fetish shoes are heeled shoes like stilettos, boots, pumps, sandals and more. A lot of women can go nuts over designer shoes, it’s a thing to die for as they say. Designer shoes are quite expensive customised shoes, but it is with high quality and provides prestige status to those who wear them. It varies from designer bridal shoes, high heeled to casual, created by renowned Designers like Manolo, Herrera, Prada, Fendi and the list goes on.

This type of obsession can be expensive considering the amount and cost of a single designer shoe, others have loads of different type of shoes on their walk-in closets. Having this certain fixation is not that bad, but it should be in modesty. Too much of something is clearly bad for any one. You don’t have to blow your whole pay check just to buy one pair of shoe, which you normally don’t wear or use at a daily basis.

On the other hand, if a woman is engaged and is planning her dream wedding and is looking for the perfect bridal shoe, no worries, because it can be easily found online. There are loads of information about designer shoes and where you can purchase them. Just be patient with all those ads on the net, be specific on your preference so you can purchase your ideal pair of shoes.

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